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Discover the Top-Rated Hair Salon in Englewood, Colorado

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Englewood, Colorado is a lively place in the Denver area. It’s known for its beauty and many local businesses. Among these are several excellent1 hair salons. Each salon has a unique vibe and offers special services. You can get classic cuts or the newest hair trends here.

Englewood’s hairdressers are both talented and creative. They’ll sit down with you to figure out what you want and use the latest methods. This way, you get a look that’s just right for you. Customers love talking about their experiences at Englewood’s top salons. This makes it easy for you to pick a place you can trust. Choosing one of these salons is more than just getting a new look. It’s about enjoying the friendly vibe of a small town and getting expert hair care.

Key Takeaways

  • Englewood, Colorado is a vibrant community with a diverse array of top-rated hair salons.
  • Salons in Englewood offer a unique atmosphere and specialized services, from timeless cuts to the latest hair fashion trends.
  • Englewood is home to skilled and creative hairdressers who provide personalized consultations and advanced techniques.
  • Reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers highlight the best hair salons in Englewood.
  • Choosing a hair salon in Englewood combines the warmth of a close-knit community with professional hair care excellence.

Unveiling Englewood’s Premier Hair Care Destinations

In Englewood, Colorado, a bustling community of hair salons meets the needs of people living there and those just passing through. One standout salon, Alchemy Salon, shines as an oasis for those seeking top-quality hair artistry.

Alchemy Salon: A Sanctuary for Hair Artistry

Alchemy Salon is a top choice because of its skilled stylists. They offer everything from custom colors to precise cuts and luxurious treatments.2 Guests love the friendly vibes and the way stylists create looks that really bring out their best features.

Color House Denver: Where Hues Come to Life

Color House Denver, located in Englewood, focuses on bold hair colors. Their skilled colorists use top-notch methods and products to make clients’ hair vibrant. This leaves people feeling refreshed and ready to show off their new looks.

Lacey Nichole Hair: Personalized Perfection

Lacey Nichole Hair is known for its personalized approach in Englewood. They design services that meet each customer’s specific hair needs. Whether it’s a stylish cut or high-quality extensions, their team aims to highlight natural beauty and personal style.

If you’re looking for a big change or just a little update, Englewood’s top hair care spots are ready to serve you. They aim to provide an experience that meets all your hair needs, making every visit a special one.

Embracing the Art of Hairstyling

Englewood, Colorado, is buzzing with top-notch hair salons.3 Studio 303 Salon and Elle B Savvy stand out in this crowd. They offer the latest in haircare and a personal touch for their clients.

Studio 303 Salon: A Haven for Trendsetting Styles

Looking for the newest hairstyles? Check out Studio 303 Salon in Englewood, Colorado.3 Their skilled stylists always know what’s hot. They will give you a style that not only looks good but also feels like you.

They do everything from precise cuts to daring color changes. You’ll leave feeling like a new person, full of confidence and new ideas.

Elle B Savvy: Elevating Beauty Standards

Elle B Savvy is another gem in the hair world. It’s in Englewood and known for raising the bar in beauty. It offers a bunch of services, from classic haircuts to the latest trends in color and style.4

Customers love how they bring out their best features and style. The stylists at Elle B Savvy work closely with you to make a perfect look.

Looking for any hairstyle? Whether it’s a simple cut, a big change, or the newest in coloring, go see the experts at Studio 303 Salon and Elle B Savvy. They are leading the pack. Mixing skill with a flair for the latest trends, they offer top-notch hair care.

Discovering the Essence of Exceptional Hair Care

In Englewood, Colorado, Solera Salon Centennial shines with its hair care experts.5 The seasoned stylists there have deep expertise and skills. They provide top-notch services such as precision cuts, color, and treatments. This salon gives a special touch that makes clients feel new and confident.

I Capelli Salon: A Fusion of Elegance and Comfort

In Englewood, I Capelli Salon mixes elegance with comfort perfectly. Their skilled stylists offer tailored solutions for each client’s hair needs and likes. Looking for a fresh cut, a vibrant color change, or a relaxing treatment? I Capelli Salon ensures you feel renewed with a beautiful style.

As you enter, a calm and inviting vibe welcomes you.5 The salon stands out with the use of premium hair products and its focus on personalized care. It’s your go-to place in Englewood for amazing hair care.

best hairsalon in englewood colorado: Outliers

Outliers is a top-level hair salon in Englewood, Colorado. It’s not your average place. They focus on giving the best service and using new methods. This effort has made Outliers stand out as one of the leading hair salons around.1 People love the skilled stylists at Outliers. They put their heart into making looks that really fit each person. Whether it’s a precise cut, a bold new color, or a special treatment, Outliers is known for making people look and feel great.

outliers hair salon

1 Outliers hair salon in Englewood, Colorado is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 31 people. The Organic Salon also gets high marks, with a 4.9 out of 5 score from 41 reviews. Studio 303 Salon, a strong competitor, sits at a 4.6 with 97 reviews. Elle B Savvy – West celebrates being owned and run by women, and it scores 4.5 from 99 reviews. Alchemy Salon, the top-ranked, achieves a 4.8 from 50 reviews. These scores show that Englewood’s hair salons all aim for excellence. Most hair salons in Englewood are rated very well, with the leading ones earning over 4.5 out of 5. It’s clear the area values high-quality service in their hair salons.

Eco-Conscious and Organic Hair Care

The Organic Salon in Englewood, Colorado, is perfect for those who love nature.6 It uses only the best natural products and is eco-friendly. The salon does color and hair treatments carefully to keep the Earth healthy.6 Clients love that it’s a serene place for beautiful hair that’s kind to the planet.

The Organic Salon: Nature’s Beauty, Realized

The Organic Salon is a top spot for green and organic hair care in Englewood, Colorado.6 It offers a lot, from hair color to treatments, without harming nature.6 Their special hair care line, Alter Ego Italy, is made in Italy with pure, eco-friendly ingredients.6 Prices are friendly, starting at just $2.95, so everyone can find something for their hair.

But the salon does more than just sell natural products.6 Their skilled stylists give services that keep your hair gorgeous and the planet safe.6 They have everything from hair extensions to tips for taking care of your hair at home.6 Plus, their blog helps people learn how to make smarter choices for their hair and the Earth.

In Englewood, Colorado, The Organic Salon offers an amazing spa-like hair experience.6 They’re all about using pure, high-quality stuff for your hair.6 It’s a great place for eco-friendly hair care that doesn’t forget about style.

Personalized Attention and Tailored Services

Hairwell Salon is a gem in Englewood, Colorado. It shines because of the one-on-one care and custom hair services it offers.3 Skilled stylists at the salon really get to know what you want for your hair. They work closely with you to design a look that shows off your natural beauty.3

Hairwell Salon: Crafting Customized Looks

The team at Hairwell Salon pays close attention to the small things.3 They make sure to hear your wishes. This way, you step out looking exactly the way you’ve dreamed.3 They don’t just do regular cuts, but also use cutting-edge styles and colors. They aim to give you a look that’s all your own.

Salon Vo: Where Individuality Thrives

Salon Vo, not far away, is all about making you feel special.7 Their experts offer top-notch service that makes you feel like a star.7 They do everything from unique cuts and colors to hair extensions. At Salon Vo, your unique self really shines through.

hairwell salon

Do you want a daring new look, or perhaps something classic and chic? In Englewood, Colorado, there are hair gurus ready to make your dreams real.7 They focus on giving you exactly what you want. This way, you not only look great but feel amazing and confident, too.

Exploring the Diverse World of Hair Artistry

In Englewood, Colorado, hair salons bring the latest in hair styling techniques and hair color trends. Their stylists are experts in cutting, coloring, and even adding hair extensionsbridal hair and makeup to make their special day perfect.

Most Popular Treatments Other Sought-After Services Specialty Salon Offerings
– Female Haircut8 Hair Color8 – Hair Wash8
– Silk Press8 – Deep Conditioning Treatment8 – Kid’s Haircut8
– Highlights8 – Keratin Hair Treatment8 – Relaxers8
Hair Extensions8 – Updos8 – Hair Toner8
– Wigs8 – Perm8 – Trim8
Hair Styling8 – Permanent Hair Straightening8
– Hair Care8 – Olaplex8
– Bleach & Tone8 Balayage8
– Brazilian Blowout8 – Ombre Hair treatments8
– Wedding Hair Stylist8
– Blow Dry services8

The Aura Botanica Collection by Kérastase is natural, made from 96% natural origin ingredients.9 It includes a shampoo, conditioner, oil, and mist.9 The unique Calligraphy Cut technique can make hair look up to 270% thicker.9 This method is growing in popularity in the US, offered in 11 salons.9 It’s perfect for adding volume and lasts a long time.9

The Power of Professional Hair Care Products

Hair salons in Englewood, Colorado, really see how great professional products are.10 They pick only the best haircare lines. These are made with top-notch ingredients and tech to fix many hair issues.10 Their shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling help you get lush, healthy hair.

Unlocking the Secrets of Premium Haircare Lines

In Englewood, Colorado, salons, they know using pro products is key.10 The special haircare lines have the newest in hair science. They use cool stuff like Samoan Coconut and Moroccan Argan Oil to treat and strengthen hair.10 These products make you look great and keep your hair strong and healthy.

Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable Choices

The salons there also care about the planet. They choose haircare that’s natural and not bad for the earth.10 These products are free from bad chemicals. That means no silicones, sulfates, and parabens.10 The salons’ eco-friendly choices help your hair and the planet. They’re making the future look greener.

Creating Memorable Hair Experiences

In Englewood, Colorado, hair salons make each visit special.8 As soon as you walk in, you feel welcomed. This starts your journey to caring for your hair in a special way.8

Ambiance and Hospitality in Englewood Salons

The salons stand out with their friendly service.8 Everyone works hard to ensure you’re happy and relaxed.8 They don’t just promise beautiful hair but a great time, too.8

Building Lasting Client Relationships

In Englewood, picking a salon is like choosing luxury for your tresses.8 The focus is on what you need, using only the best products.11 Chad+Co aims to make you feel naturally beautiful yet unforgettable.11

Staying Ahead of the Latest Hair Trends

In Englewood, Colorado, hair salons are always at the front of the line when it comes to new hair trends.3 They make sure their stylists are on top of their game by investing in training and education.3

Continuous Education and Training for Stylists

The stylists in Englewood know everything there is to know about hair. From balayage to ombre, they keep learning the newest techniques in hair care.3 This way, they can give their clients the latest and most exciting hair makeovers.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Techniques and Technologies

It’s not enough for the salons in Englewood to just know about trends, they have to be part of creating them.3 They use the best in hair technology and applications. This way, everyone in Englewood knows they can get the trendiest hair services close to home.


Englewood, Colorado, is now known for its exceptional hair care. It has a variety of top-rated hair salons that understand what clients want. They offer a special hair salon experience. It’s more than just a haircut or a new color.12

The salons in Englewood have a strong name. They promise to deliver top-notch exceptional hair care and salon services.12 They do everything from perfect cuts to bright colors. They also give luxury treatments and styles made just for you. This has made them the best places for hair care in the area.

In Englewood’s hair salons, you can find what you’re looking for. This could be a calm day to refresh yourself or a whole new look.12 They are known for following the newest trends and being green. Plus, they always make sure you get personal care. This is why they are the top choice for great hair salon services locally.


What types of hair services do the top hair salons in Englewood, Colorado offer?

In Englewood, Colorado, you’ll find hair salons that do it all. They do custom colors, precise cuts, and treatments. They also offer hair extensions, balayage, and bridal hair and makeup. Plus, they have special services for men, women, and kids.

How do the salons in Englewood ensure a personalized and memorable experience for their clients?

The salons in Englewood are all about top-notch service. They make every client feel important and at home. Their stylists are always learning, ready to offer the newest and best hair care. This commitment ensures a great experience for everyone.

What sets the hair salons in Englewood apart from other hair care destinations?

Englewood’s hair salons lead the pack in style and innovation. They stay on top of the newest hair trends and techniques. You’ll see cutting-edge hair coloring, cutting, and styling, along with premium hair products. This dedication to excellence keeps them at the forefront.

Are there any eco-conscious or organic hair care options available in Englewood?

Absolutely. The Organic Salon in Englewood focuses on natural, sustainable hair care. They use only the best eco-friendly products. Their services are perfect for those who care about the planet.

How can I find the best hair salon in Englewood, Colorado that suits my individual needs and preferences?

Finding the perfect salon in Englewood is easy with the wide selection available. Look for reviews and recommendations from locals. This will guide you to a salon loved and trusted in the community.

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